The Fcc focuses on misunderstanding problems, suspiciousness, unemployment, depression, love affair, extra marital affair, premarital problem, dowry problem etc.

The Fcc help the individual for an enhanced level of functioning when they are unable of cope with the problem brought in by these changes.

Our fcc aims at reducing the problems and crises, strengthening family coping skills, effecting positive changes in the attitude, improvement in life style. Providing timely counseling and support to lead a qualitative life style.

  • To create awareness about family problem, marital problem, adolescent problem, sex education etc.
  • To give special education to the family members with support and extra care to the client.
  • To encourage the family to listen supportively to the person
  • To get emotional support for the family which helps greatly is facing problems.
  • To discuss the family problems with the client very carefully and react fully with the family.
  • To encourage the rare responsibility and need to normalize the activities of the individual and the client.
  • To educate both client and family members as how to handle their family problems.

Counseling is a important role of Fcc. The counselor provides and guides valuable information to the client after getting the brief history from the client and the family members and diagnose about various problem.

Individual counseling, group counseling, family therapy, behavior modification therapy, environment modification therapy, marital therapy, reality therapy, and psychological support to the client and family members are the main activities of the Fcc. We are providing counseling on marital problems, sex education, economic problem, adolescent problem helping the alcoholic, aging, dowry related problems and drug abuse.